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SIASAR - Rural Water and Sanitation Information System

App multiplatform | Available in google play

SIASAR is an application for gathering information with the SIASAR questionnaires in an agile and accurate way. Anywhere at any time. Download, synch, fill in the forms and upload to the website.

SIASAR is changing the way of generating Knowledge in the WASH sector, from information collected during field visits in rural areas and themsubsequent calculation of a group of indicators. Our App for gathering information has been highlighted in various WSS forums and main media of Latin América.


EASY: With a few clicks we can fill in the 4 SIASAR quiestionaries, collect information of communities, systems, service providers and technical assistance providers.
CUSTOM: Each country can customize the questionaries.
SAFE: Due to the common conectivity problems we find in rural areas, this App allows users backup locally the information collected before sending it to the server.

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